A Perfect Day for Flying Kites

CAPC held its annual Kite Day on March 15, 2019 at the Gibson Center, Head Start’s program headquarters in Pensacola, Florida. It was a sunny and warm Friday morning in Pensacola, with just the perfect breeze. The streets surrounding the Gibson Center were lined with cars and the sound of children’s laughter radiated for blocks. The clear, blue [...]

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Giving Local Kids a Fresh Head Start

It was either just before midnight on November 30th, or in the early morning hours of December 1, 2018, when a brief tornado damaged parts of Lincoln Park Elementary School in Pensacola. While the school sustained some minor damage, one of the portable classroom buildings was damaged beyond repair. That portable building, owned by Community [...]

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Transportation Assistant – FT

SUMMARY: Reporting to the Director of Head Start / Early Head Start, through the Admissions and Transportation Manager, the Transportation Assistant is responsible for maintaining the radio communication between the Bus Drivers, couriers, and appropriate center staff. Coordinating transportation services, record keeping and providing direction for staff are among the major responsibilities of this [...]

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Dental Support Specialist

Position Summary: Reporting to the Social Services Manager, the Dental Support Specialist performs duties and work assignments with minimal supervision and assists the Health Team, Education Staff, and Social Services staff in meeting dental and office support needs of the department. Additionally, the Dental Support Specialist implements all aspects of dental services to include [...]

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Support Services Case Manager S.O.A.R

POSITION SUMMARY: The Support Services Case Managers will report directly to the Director of Economic and Social Services Director. The Support Services Case Manager works with the participant to identify and remove barriers to employment and self-sufficiency by coordinating integrated services with appropriate community partners. They maintain frequent and sustained communication with the participant [...]

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Summary: Reporting to the Executive Director, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior management position in Community Action Program Committee, Inc. The CFO is responsible for financial planning, fiscal management, payroll, contracts, and riskmanagement for the organization. The CFOmust have aworking knowledge of non-profit and applicable Federal and State accounting methods and regulations. Additionally, [...]

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Full-Time Bus Driver / Head Start

Summary: The Bus Driver is responsible for the safe transportation of children to and from school, on field trips, and medical appointments. Transporting children, record keeping, adhering to all traffic regulations, assisting with children, delivering food and supplies are among the major responsibilities of this position. The bus driver is also responsible for the daily [...]

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Teacher / Head Start

Summary: The Teacher is responsible for planning, and implementing the curriculum for the child development program. Teaching, planning, record keeping, nurturing children and promoting parent participation are among the major responsibilities of this position. Teacher II – Head Start Community Action Program – Head StartTeacher IIJob Description    Job Title: Teacher IIDepartment: Education Reports [...]

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