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The Support Services Department provides a multitude of services with the goal of supporting Escambia county residents in their efforts towards achieving self-sufficiency. The programs that we offer include:

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

    The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP for short, is designed to help offset the excess energy burden for those persons who are deemed eligible based on household size and income. This program also assists in an emergency, such as disconnected power or gas service. Electric benefits are available all year. Whereas, gas benefits are only allowed if gas is used for home heating and is available October 1st through March 31st of each calendar year.

  • Crisis Utility Assistance

    This program assists income eligible clients with past due water bills or disconnected water service.

  • Rental and Mortgage Assistance

    This program offers rental or mortgage assistance to those income qualified applicants in past due status or those facing evictions or foreclosure. Renters must present a past due rental or eviction notice. Homeowners must present a past due statement or a foreclosure notice. Certain restrictions may apply, and additional information may be required.

  • Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSSP)

    This is an intense case management program that aids those individuals seeking to gain economic stability. This program is for those who wish to further their education and/or obtain employment with a living wage that would meet household needs. To apply for the program, applicants must be eligible based on household size and income. Once eligibility has been determined, clients enter into an agreement with their case manager and establish goals to assist them in reaching their ultimate potential. The case manager periodically meets with the client to review the goal plan and assess progress. The program, generally, lasts up to two years and terminates upon successful completion of the program.

    GED Assistance: This program assists with registration and testing fees for the GED program offered through Pensacola State College and other community organizations providing GED programs.

  • Post-Secondary Education Assistance

    Through the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), clients are eligible to receive assistance with post-secondary education and related expenses (books, supplies, etc.). Interested clients must apply for the Pell grant first. Any expenses that are not covered by the Pell grant or scholarships may be covered by CSBG funding.

    Employment Assistance: Funding from the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program is used to cover expenses related to new employment such as background screenings, physicals, immunizations, certifications and licensure, uniforms, work shoes, tools, gas cards or bus tickets, criminal record expungement/sealing and identification.

  • Transportation Assistance

    Transportation assistance, in the form of bus passes and gas cards are provided to clients who have a verifiable need (i.e., to attend school, new employment, doctor’s appointment, etc.).

Interested Applicants

If you wish to apply for any of the programs offered, please begin by reviewing the documentation and income requirements by clicking the links below. 

Please arrive for your appointment on time. If you arrive late, you may be asked to schedule another appointment. Please allow eighteen (18) business hours for processing your application once completed.

Applications are completed in our office or at outreach events only. Please bring the supporting documentation that applies to you and your household to your appointment.

Thank you for inquiring about assistance through Support Services. To assistance you, we will need at minimum the documentation listed below. Please bring in the documentation that pertains to you and your household. If you arrive to your appointment without the specified documentation. you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. Please be aware that the application process will not begin until you turn all documentation requested by your case manager. The minimum documentation requirements are as follows:

  • Valid Florida IDs for every household member 18 years of age or older. Birth certificates or valid voter registration cards for Escambia County may be used in lieu of a valid Florida ID. If interested in Head Start. please bring birth certificates for child(ren).
  • Social Security cards for everyone in the household. Printed immunization records from the health department for minors are acceptable if the complete social security number is shown. If you are missing a social security card for a household member, you must obtain one from the Social Security Administration before service may be rendered.
  • Current Electric bill (Heating bill required along with the electric bill October 1 thru March 30). If you have a final bill, you must get a letter from the power/gas company showing amount(s) required to restore service, as well as the current service address. Please be aware that returned item charges and revenue protection charges must be paid up front prior to completing your application.
  • Custody papers for all minors living in the home who are not your biological children. Documentation is also required for previous applicants whose children are no longer in the household (i.e., legal custody/guardianship documentation verifying transfer of custody)
  • Income documentation for all household members who has received income for last thirty days prior to application date:

Wages paid bi-weekly: bring last three check stubs
Wages paid weekly: bring last five check stubs
Wages paid once per month: bring last two check stubs

**Note: A letter from your employer on company letterhead or stamped with a company stamp is required if you are missing any check stubs or if you recently began or ended employment.

  • Social Security Award Letters verifying the monthly income for the current year. If you do not have the current letter, you may have one faxed/mailed to you by calling 1-800-772-1213 or you may visit
  • Documentation of self-employment income for the last thirty days prior to date of application. Plasma donors must present a donor report showing income for the last thirty days. If you scrap metal, a report is required from the company verifying your scrap income for the last thirty days.
  • Wage Determination Transcript showing weekly benefit amount for clients receiving unemployment benefits.
  • Child Support verification for each child in the household (must provide verification that you do not receive child support benefits if you do not report child support income but have minor children in the home and one biological parent is absent).
  • Cash Assistance (TANF): Bring printout of income for last thirty days (month of application).
  • Verification of Food Stamps (Food Stamp Award Letter) *Verification is required for all Food Stamp recipients. I/you do not report food stamp assistance but your income is less than $1025 monthly, you must provide verification that you do not receive food stamps. Foods tamp verification must list case members as well as benefit amount for month of application. This documentation is used to verify household size and, therefore, must be accurate.
  • Current Pell Grant Award Letter or financial aid documentation for the current semester
  • Current Lease or Notarized Tenant Verification Form (available at our office and must be completed & notarized by property owner) or Proof of Homeownership (i.e., current mortgage statement, tax document or deed). If someone appears on your home ownership verification who does not live in your household, a notarized statement is required verifying the person’s current living address with a valid telephone number. If the person who appears on verification is deceased, an obituary or death certification will be required. HUD/Area Housing residents must have current HUD lease (Contract Amendment Notice/ Notice of Rent Adjustment/HUD form 50059) Please note, documentation of utility reimbursement payments may be required–even if you haven’t received a payment.
  •  Notarized statement from family member/friend who assists with your expenses (This statement must provide the person’s name and contact information, along with the exact amount the person is providing you each month)
  • Notarized Self-Declaration form (available at our office). This form is required for any household member 19 years of age or older whom reports no income
  • Notarized Bill Explanation Form completed and notarized by person whose name appears on the bill. If the person is deceased, you must obtain service in your own name or the name of another agreeable party.


Below are important forms for customers who are using the LIHEAP Department:

  • Contribution Statement 17-006 – to be completed by the those who are assisting you with your monthly expenses
  • Self Declaration Form 17-008 – to be completed by anyone in the household 19 years of age or older who reports no income within the last 90 days of application date or who only reports contributions or self-employment as an income source
  • Tenant Verification Form 17-009 – to be completed by property owner if you do not have a current/valid lease or the home is owned by another party
  • EFNEP- adult nutrition classes
  • Emergency Assistance Crisis Assistance – to help eligible households in immediate danger of losing access to needed home energy.

Weather-Related Conditions Assistance – to help eligible households during a weather-related crisis as declared by the Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida’s Governor or the U.S. President.

Once you have reviewed the documentation requirements, you may either apply online via our web application (recommended) or you may stop by our office to pick up an application. Our office is located at 2050 W. Blount Street, Pensacola, FL 32501.  Application packets are in the clear pick-up box near the Support Services entrance.  Please note that we only serve Escambia County residents.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my application is denied?2022-12-09T17:43:38+00:00

Answer: If your application is denied, you may reapply anytime unless otherwise specified by the Support Services Director. If you believe that your application was denied in error and you wish to appeal the decision, you may do so in writing within ten days of the date of the denial notice. If you wish to send an appeal, please write to Delicia Straughter, Support Services Director, at 2050 W. Blount Street, Pensacola FL 32501. You may also drop your letter of appeal in the black drop box near the Support Services entrance.

Am I guaranteed approval?2020-09-10T00:11:14+00:00

Answer: No, approval is not guaranteed.  As with any application, such as those for a car loan or rental housing, you may be approved or denied.  Your Case Manager will work as quickly as possible to process your application so that you will know whether you were approved.

How will I know if I am approved?2020-09-10T00:10:45+00:00

Answer: Your Case Manager will send you a letter notifying you of your approval and the amount of your benefit.

How much am I eligible for?2020-09-10T00:10:11+00:00

Answer: Eligibility, generally, depends on household and income.  Your Case Manager cannot determine your benefit amount until all documentation has been submitted and your application has been processed.  Once it is processed, you will receive an award letter notifying you of the benefit amount you were approved for.

My service is disconnected. How long will this process take?2020-09-10T00:09:31+00:00

Answer: We understand that this is a crisis for your family and will work hard to resolve the crisis as quickly as possible.  To expedite the process, please be sure to turn in all required documentation as quickly as possible.  Additionally, please limit phone calls to check the status of your application as this, generally, only serves to slow down the process.

We Want to Hear from You!

Providing the best service possible to those we serve within our community is our top priority. However, to do so, we need your feedback. Please take a moment to complete the survey below:

We also would appreciate your comments regarding the needs of our community. This is your opportunity to be heard and to become an integral partner in determining the services we provide to our community. Please help us help the community by completing the questionnaire below:

Energy Saving Tips

Clicking this link would send clients to info provided by Gulf Power.

Hurricane Safety and Preparedness

Housing Resources

Financial Empowerment

Community Action Program Committee, in partnership with the United Way of West Florida, is offering one on one financial counseling via The Financial Clinic. This program is tailored to provide support and guidance to individuals and families as they strive to reach financial goals. If you would like additional information, please email us at or give us a call at (850) 698-0361.

Community Partners

Gulf Power

Opening Doors

City of Pensacola

The Department of Children & Families

Town of Century

Area Housing Commission

Career Source Escarosa

Pathways for Change

Catholic Charities

United Ministries

United Way

Pensacola State College

Samaritan Hands

Ministry Village at Olive

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program and the Community Services Block Grant are funded as part of an award granted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services totaling $6,175,132.00 for LIHEAP and $3,108,911.33 for CSBG for FY2019, with 3% financed from non-governmental sources.

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