Community Action Program Committee, Inc., (CAPC) has been serving Northwest Florida residents since April, 1965.

Our agency began as a small summer program for children, and has developed into a multi-faceted agency targeting poverty in our community. We are an anti-poverty agency and the following four programs work cohesively as our organization focuses on its vision to change people’s lives, to embody the spirit of hope and to make the community a better place to live.


Funded through Department of Economic Opportunity


Funded through Health and Human Services, USDA, and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten


 Funded through Department of Economic Opportunity


Funded through the Department of Economic Opportunity


The mission of the Community Action Program Committee, Inc. is to help low income families achive self-sufficiency by creating solutions to poverty in collaboration with community stakeholders


Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funds, share 6 national goals focusing on the family, the community and Community Action Programs.

Families becoming self-sufficient

Achieve potential by strengthening family and supportive systems

Improving people lives in the community

Giving people a stake in their community

Partnerships among supports and providers

Increase our capacity to help

A message from our Board Chair Tabitha Nichols and our Executive Director Douglas Brown

Our History

In August of 1964, the Economic Opportunity Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Johnson. In October of 1964, Sargeant Shriver was sworn in as Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity.

“It will not be a short or easy struggle, no single weapon or strategy will suffice, but we shall not rest until that war is won.”
President Lyndon B. Johnson

Board of Directors

Tabitha Nichols
Tabitha NicholsChairperson
Representing Targeted Communities Sector, Center for Independent Living of NWFL
Laura M. Garrett
Laura M. GarrettVice Chairperson
Representing Targeted Communities Sector, Executive Vice President, Council on Aging of West Florida, Inc.
Al Jackson
Al JacksonTreasurer
Representing Targeted Communities Sector, Warrington
Benjamin Boutwell
Benjamin BoutwellMember
Representing Public Sector – Town of Century
Commissioner Lumon May
Commissioner Lumon MayMember
Representing Public Sector,
Escambia County Commissioner
Councilwoman Sherri Myers
Councilwoman Sherri MyersMember
Representing Public Sector,
Pensacola City Council
John Robertson
John RobertsonMember
Representing Private Sector, Navy Federal Credit Union
Joe Mack
Joe MackMember
Representing Targeted Communities Sector, Cantonment and Molino
Dr. Laura Edler
Dr. Laura EdlerMember
Representing Targeted Communities Sector, Escambia County School Board
John Johnson
John JohnsonMember
Representing the Targeted Communities Sector, Opening Doors of Northwest Florida