Lawn Care Maintenance is defined as: 

• Lawn and grounds Maintenance defined as but not limited to. Mowing, edging, blowing, trimming, bush trimming, wedding, debris removal, of all CAPC grounds listed in contract 

• Mowing of all areas by means of ride on or push mower. 

• Trimming and edging around all walkways, curbing, light poles, trees, and obstruction in lawn areas to be trimmed resulting in there being no grass left higher than the height mowed 

• Blowing of all sidewalks, curbs, patios, and parking lots. 

• Clearing the grounds of any debris such as grass, leaves, and trash with every site visit 

• Contractor shall collect and dispose of all Leaves, trash, litter, debris, refuse, and discarded materials resulting from Contractor’s operations. 

• Bush trimming and weeding of flower beds. 

• Weed control/Herbicide (Joey Foxhall is to be informed of all chemicals used) 

• Trees and shrubs to trimmed and kept clear from fences and buildings to maintain a 18-24” distance at ALL locations 

• All fences will be maintained and kept clear of vines, trees, etc. by means of manual removal and/or herbicide. 

• Maintain ALL easements and retention ponds. All ponds with water must be cut closets to water as possible. All gates must be kept closed and locked when work is completed. 

• All special projects will need to be quoted and approved in writing before services can start. 

• All playgrounds are to be kept weed and debris free. NO USE OF HERBICIDES ON/OR AJACENT TO ANY PLAYGROUND. 


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