What happens if my application is denied?

Answer: If your application is denied, you may reapply anytime unless otherwise specified by the Support Services Director. If you believe that your application was denied in error and you wish to appeal the decision, you may do so in writing within ten days of the date of the denial notice. If you wish to [...]

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Am I guaranteed approval?

Answer: No, approval is not guaranteed.  As with any application, such as those for a car loan or rental housing, you may be approved or denied.  Your Case Manager will work as quickly as possible to process your application so that you will know whether you were approved.

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How much am I eligible for?

Answer: Eligibility, generally, depends on household and income.  Your Case Manager cannot determine your benefit amount until all documentation has been submitted and your application has been processed.  Once it is processed, you will receive an award letter notifying you of the benefit amount you were approved for.

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My service is disconnected. How long will this process take?

Answer: We understand that this is a crisis for your family and will work hard to resolve the crisis as quickly as possible.  To expedite the process, please be sure to turn in all required documentation as quickly as possible.  Additionally, please limit phone calls to check the status of your application as this, generally, [...]

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