Family Self-sufficiency Program

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Through the agency’s FSSP, long-term case management customers participate in a detailed approach to managing their move from a crisis situation to self-sufficiency. These services include employment, education, small business development, home acquisition, expunging/sealing of criminal record, assistance with acquiring CDL license and placement in Individual Development Program (IDA).

Employment Support Services

Certifications (SafeServe) , Licensing (transportation and identification), Birth Certificates, background screenings, Uniform and work tool assistance.

Home Energy Assistance

To help eligible households meet the cost of home energy. An emergency or crisis is not eligible for this category.

What is the Home Energy Assistance process?

Appointments are available only by calling 1.850.308.1472. Outreach efforts are conducted in the Cantonment and Century areas and will be posted on our website as well. You can also find us on Facebook at CAPC Pensacola for monthly schedules and other up-to-date information.

Continuing Education and Training

CDL Program, GED, Technical and Vocational Programs, Higher Education Enrollment

Please arrive for your appointment on time. If you arrive late, you may be asked to schedule another appointment. Please allow eighteen (18) business hours for processing your application once completed.

Applications are completed in our office or at outreach events only. Please bring the supporting documentation that applies to you and your household to your appointment.

Thank you for inquiring about assistance through Support Services. To assistance you, we will need at minimum the documentation listed below. Please bring in the documentation that pertains to you and your household. If you arrive to your appointment without the specified documentation. you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. Please be aware that the application process will not begin until you turn all documentation requested by your case manager. The minimum documentation requirements are as follows:

  • Valid Florida IDs for every household member 18 years of age or older. Birth certificates or valid voter registration cards for Escambia County may be used in lieu of a valid Florida ID. If interested in Head Start. please bring birth certificates for child(ren).
  • Social Security cards for everyone in the household. Printed immunization records from the health department for minors are acceptable if the complete social security number is shown. If you are missing a social security card for a household member, you must obtain one from the Social Security Administration before service may be rendered.
  • Current Electric bill (Heating bill required along with the electric bill October 1 thru March 30). If you have a final bill, you must get a letter from the power/gas company showing amount(s) required to restore service, as well as the current service address. Please be aware that returned item charges and revenue protection charges must be paid up front prior to completing your application.
  • Custody papers for all minors living in the home who are not your biological children. Documentation is also required for previous applicants whose children are no longer in the household (i.e., legal custody/guardianship documentation verifying transfer of custody)
  • Income documentation for all household members who has received income for last thirty days prior to application date:

Wages paid bi-weekly: bring last three check stubs
Wages paid weekly: bring last five check stubs
Wages paid once per month: bring last two check stubs

**Note: A letter from your employer on company letterhead or stamped with a company stamp is required if you are missing any check stubs or if you recently began or ended employment.

  • Social Security Award Letters verifying the monthly income for the current year. If you do not have the current letter, you may have one faxed/mailed to you by calling 1-800-772-1213 or you may visit
  • Documentation of self-employment income for the last thirty days prior to date of application. Plasma donors must present a donor report showing income for the last thirty days. If you scrap metal, a report is required from the company verifying your scrap income for the last thirty days.
  • Wage Determination Transcript showing weekly benefit amount for clients receiving unemployment benefits.
  • Child Support verification for each child in the household (must provide verification that you do not receive child support benefits if you do not report child support income but have minor children in the home and one biological parent is absent).
  • Cash Assistance (TANF): Bring printout of income for last thirty days (month of application).
  • Verification of Food Stamps (Food Stamp Award Letter) *Verification is required for all Food Stamp recipients. I/you do not report food stamp assistance but your income is less than $1025 monthly, you must provide verification that you do not receive food stamps. Foods tamp verification must list case members as well as benefit amount for month of application. This documentation is used to verify household size and, therefore, must be accurate.
  • Current Pell Grant Award Letter or financial aid documentation for the current semester
  • Current Lease or Notarized Tenant Verification Form (available at our office and must be completed & notarized by property owner) or Proof of Homeownership (i.e., current mortgage statement, tax document or deed). If someone appears on your home ownership verification who does not live in your household, a notarized statement is required verifying the person’s current living address with a valid telephone number. If the person who appears on verification is deceased, an obituary or death certification will be required. HUD/Area Housing residents must have current HUD lease (Contract Amendment Notice/ Notice of Rent Adjustment/HUD form 50059) Please note, documentation of utility reimbursement payments may be required–even if you haven’t received a payment.
  •  Notarized statement from family member/friend who assists with your expenses (This statement must provide the person’s name and contact information, along with the exact amount the person is providing you each month)
  • Notarized Self-Declaration form (available at our office). This form is required for any household member 19 years of age or older whom reports no income
  • Notarized Bill Explanation Form completed and notarized by person whose name appears on the bill. If the person is deceased, you must obtain service in your own name or the name of another agreeable party.


Below are important forms for customers who are using the LIHEAP Department:

  • Contribution Statement 17-006 – to be completed by the those who are assisting you with your monthly expenses
  • Self Declaration Form 17-008 – to be completed by anyone in the household 19 years of age or older who reports no income within the last 90 days of application date or who only reports contributions or self-employment as an income source
  • Tenant Verification Form 17-009 – to be completed by property owner if you do not have a current/valid lease or the home is owned by another party