Center Manager

We have a variety of open Center Manager positions for Early Head Start and Head Start locations across Escambia County. If you’re passionate about early childhood education and want to make a difference in keeping our beautiful early learning centers open and running smoothly, then this position is for you. Join us as [...]

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Health Assistant

Catching a visual impairment or developmental delay makes a world of difference in a young child’s life. The Health Assistant will work collaboratively with the family engagement and health team to ensure every Community Action Head Start child receives timely check-ups, screenings, and proper referrals. Are you a socially conscious, dedicated individual who is committed [...]

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Health Coordinator

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of Escambia County families? We are currently looking for a Health Coordinator to help the families and children we serve live their best life. The Health Coordinator will spend their days ensuring all children and families in our Community Action Head Start program have [...]

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Family Engagement Coordinator

Empowering families to grow strong together is the central focus of the Family Engagement Coordinator. The coordinator will supervise a critical content area involving all things parents and parenting adults, providing much-needed support services to Community Action Head Start families, from early childhood education to mental health, disabilities, health, and nutrition. Enhancing life practices. [...]

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Early Learning Inclusion Specialists

Coach. Mentor. Trainer. Working as an Early Learning Inclusion Specialist at Community Action will give you countless opportunities to coach, mentor, and lead our Head Start education teams as they implement differentiated instruction for children of all needs and abilities across Escambia County. Are you a socially conscious, dedicated individual who is committed to [...]

Early Learning Inclusion Specialists2021-10-06T16:55:47+00:00

Director of Monitoring and Compliance

Love numbers? Love solving problems? Love seeing others use data to improve how they serve others? The Director of Monitoring and Compliance is for you! The director is a key leadership role in our Community Action Head Start program, working each day to ensure data is used effectively to drive program quality and continuous [...]

Director of Monitoring and Compliance2021-10-06T16:46:14+00:00

Director of Family Engagement and Health

Do you love working with families? Are you passionate about empowering others to achieve success? The Director of Family Engagement and Health will be a key member of the Community Action Head Start leadership team and play a critical role in guiding the strategic direction of our family impact programs. Are you a socially [...]

Director of Family Engagement and Health2021-10-06T16:35:01+00:00
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