Helping People, Changing Lives.

Since 1965, our goal at Community Action Program Committee, Inc. (CAPC) has been to empower hard-working, low-income families through numerous rewarding programs..

The success of each of our clients is our most important goal. By coordinating the beneficial programs available within CAPC, we are better able to move families toward employment and self-sustainability through early childhood and adult education, housing and safety assistance, financial tutoring, employment and community empowerment.

Eradicating poverty in our area and enabling families to become self-sufficient—our critical goals—have become more and more possible with each family’s progress and utilization of CAPC services.

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Community Action Program’s Head Start and Early Head Start provide comprehensive developmental services for low-income pre-school children from birth to age five and support services for their families, including services, such as responsive care, for expectant mothers.

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