CAPC Pensacola is thrilled to announce we are now accepting applications for our Early Head Start and Head Start programs for the 2022-2023 academic term!

Access our 2022-2023 Head Start OneApp by clicking this link.

Both school-readiness programs assist children in becoming physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally adjusted prior to entering kindergarten in public school, with additional services for those with disabilities.

“Head Start gives parents the tools and resources to help their kids be ready for school and ready for life,” said Douglas Brown, president and CEO of CAPC Pensacola.

This year we have 3 ways for families to apply for Head Start:

  1. Complete an online application and email it, along with required documentation, to
  2. Print the online application, fill it out, and either mail or hand-deliver it, along with required documentation, to any of our locations, including our headquarters at 2050 West Blount Street, on the corner of Pace Boulevard
  3. Call our appointment line at (850) 308-7165 to arrange to complete an application in person at our headquarters, located at 2050 West Blount Street on the corner of Pace Boulevard.

In order to be accepted into the programs, income-eligible families must provide the following documentation:

  1. Proof of income: We need proof of your total household income for the last 12 months (for both parents if in the same household). (Example: Paycheck stubs; IRS tax form 1040)
  2. Proof of residency: We need proof you live in Escambia County, Florida. (Example: utility bill)
  3. Birth certificate: An official copy of your child’s birth certificate or other government-issued proof of birth.

    If applicable, we also need these additional documents to process your application:
  4. If your child has a disability, we’ll need a copy of their IEP or IFSP.
  5. If applicable, we will need a copy of legal documentation showing guardianship, adoption, etc.

For more information on the Early Head Start and Head Start programs, call our appointment line at (850) 308-7165. To apply, access our 2022-2023 Head Start OneApp by clicking this link.