Economic & Social Services

What is the Economic & Social Services Department?

CAPC’s Economic & Social Services Department helps low-income individuals become self-sufficient through education and employment support. Our aim is to assist vulnerable populations in achieving their potential through strengthening family and other supportive systems, encouraging independent living, providing emergency services, and fostering child/family development. The Economic & Social Services Department is funded by the federal Community Service Block Grant and focuses on education and employment assistance. The department assists customers with long-term case management and on an as-needed basis. Those services include GED preparation, trade/vocational education or higher education to improve opportunities for jobs with livable wages. Clients are assessed on employability skills in order to participate in CAPC’s Job Readiness Program, leading to job-placement efforts.

Programs within the department include the following: Family Self-Sufficiency Program, Rural Vocational Initiative, Senior & Disabled Healthy Living Program, Boys and Girls Club Youth Enrichment, UWF/PSC’s Summer Program Enrichment Classes, Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World, Adult and Early Childhood Education Programs, Economic Programs, Employment/Agency Involvment

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Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSSP)

Through the agency’s FSSP, long-term case management customers participate in a detailed approach to managing their move from a crisis situation to self-sufficiency. These services include employment, education, small business development, home acquisition, expunging/sealing of criminal record, assistance with acquiring CDL license and placement in Individual Development Program (IDA).

Rural Vocational Initiative

Pensacola State College Century Center and CAPC launched their Rural Vocational Initiative that focuses on several new vocational/career and technical education programs. Several of the programs of not require that students hold a GED or high school diploma for admission, such as welding, electricity and plumbing. Unfortunately, these students who have no GED or diploma are not eligible for financial aid through traditional scholarships, PELL or WIA, so CAPC works to remove that financial burden in hopes of students completing the training and obtaining a job.

Senior & Disabled Healthy Living Program

CAPC is looking to expand its efforts to offer a more comprehensive approach to helping its seniors and/or disabled customers live healthy. In partnership with Ever’man Natural Food Grocer and Pensacola Cooks, CAPC is offering healthy living classes to customers. After completion of the program, customers will be provided with a gift card to help supplement rising food costs.

Boys & Girls Club Youth Enrichment Program

CAPC is partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast to provide daily programming that falls under three core program area: academic success, good character and citizenship and healthy lifestyles. This partnership will provide CAPC students afterschool care and summer camp experiences geared toward reaching goals and achieving outcomes. It will also allow for working parents of those enrolled in school an opportunity to receive childcare assistance.

UWF/PSC’s Summer Program Enrichment Classes

CAPC recognizes that summer programs are a great opportunity to grab positive outcomes to help students learn valuable skills that will help them in life. The University of West Florida has its EXPLORE Summer Camps program and Pensacola State College has its Kids’ College. The two camps offer curriculum centered on education as well as opportunities for students to be exposed to non-traditional training, i.e., movie-making and app development. CAPC will help cover the cost of eligible youth attending these training opportunities.

Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World

This program enrolls potential self-sufficiency customers in a twenty-session program that focuses on allowing participants to identify their problems and develop solutions to help them and other citizens in their community become successful and productive citizens. The program is administered through Pathways for Change, and the curriculum includes Theory of Change, Communication, Self-Assessment of Resources, Building Resources and Personal/ Community Planning.

Adult and Early Childhood Education Programs

CAPC provides both adult and early childhood education services for families in the community.

For adults, CAPC provides services including GED courses, technical/vocational training, and assistance with course fees. For children, CAPC offers eligible families to join Head Start and Early Head Start.

Head Start and Early Head Start provide comprehensive developmental services for low-income pre-school children from birth to age five and support services for their families, including services, such as responsive care, for expectant mothers.

The purpose of Head Start is to promote school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of health, educational, nutritional, social and other services.

Economic Programs

The goal of CAPC’s financial services is to help low-income people, especially vulnerable populations, achieve their potential by strengthening family and other supportive systems, encouraging independent living, providing emergency services and fostering child/family development.

In order to help families to become self-sufficient, CAPC offers educational counseling regarding budgeting, balancing a checkbook, managing debt, handling mortgages and paying for educational classes.

Employment/Agency Involvement

We are seeking and encouraging people who share our vision and believe in our mission to join our team. CAPC offers a wide range of employment opportunities for qualified applicants in each of our agency services.

Volunteers are also encouraged to participate as we work together to change people’s lives, to embody the spirit of hope, and to make the       community a better place to live.

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