Policy Council

CAPC’s Head Start requires its program to be governed by a Policy Council.  The Policy Council in partnership with the CAPC Board of Directors carries out the shared governance of the Head Start program. The Policy Council has authority over Head Start design and operation as well as long- and short-term planning goals and objectives, taking into account annual community-wide strategic planning, the most recent needs assessment and the Head Start program’s self-assessment.

The Policy Council is elected by the parents of children who are currently enrolled in the Head Start program with at least 51% of the members themselves being parents of children who are currently enrolled in Head Start and the rest being members at large from the community served by the Head Start agency.


Member – Head Start Center
  • Tabitha Nichols (Chair) – Moreno Court/Sherwood
  • Deliquina Johnson (Vice Chair) – Gibson
  • La’Krystal Neal-Williams (Secretary) – OJ Semmes
  • Celia Johnson – Myrtle Grove
  • Ruth Ann Patterson – Molino/Century

Community Representatives

Member – Organization
  • Ariell Usser, MSW – Covenant Hospice
  • Betty Persons – CAPC Board Member
  • Brandon Clark – 90Works
  • Laura Colo – Title I
  • Meghan Emmons – Healthy Start Coalition
  • Phyliss Gonzalez – Department of Children and Families
  • Susan King – Department of Children and Families