The Community Action Program Committee, Inc. is governed by

1. Board of Directors

Community Action Program Committee, Inc. (CAPC) is governed by a 12-member tripartite Board of Directors. To be a tripartite board, a minimum of one-third of the board members must be representatives of low-income individuals and families, elected officials, and members from major groups and interests in the community served (business, industry, religious, law enforcement, education and other major groups and interests).

The Board of Directors is responsible for assuring that CAPC continues to assess and respond to the causes and conditions of poverty in our community, to achieve anticipated family and community outcomes, and to remain administratively and fiscally sound. To assist the Board in its work, there is a committee structure with each member serving on one or more committees.

2. Executive Director

The position of Executive Director is a highly responsible managerial, community mobilization and public relations work in facilitating the objective of Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) proposal, Head Start proposal, Weatherization Program proposal and any other programs that may be operated by the agency.

The Executive Director is responsible for the administration of all programs operated by the agency (Head Start, CSBG, Weatherization, etc.).

The Executive Director directs the activities of the staff and of consultants at such times as any are employed. The principal duties of this position are administrative and in the field of public relations, with great emphasis on mobilization of local, state and national program resources; fiscal management and control; community mobilization and direction of staff to achieve the objectives of the federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) and the goals of the agency in ways that ensure the greatest possible benefits to the person the agency seeks to serve. The work of the Executive Director is performed with a large degree of independence subject to the overall policy control and supervision of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors via directives, oral instructions, conferences and activity reports.

3. Policy Council

Head Start requires its program to be governed by a Policy Council.  The Policy Council in partnership with the CAPC Board of Directors carries out the shared governance of the Head Start program. The Policy Council has authority over Head Start design and operation as well as long- and short-term planning goals and objectives, taking into account annual community-wide strategic planning, the most recent needs assessment and the Head Start program’s self-assessment.

The Policy Council is elected by the parents of children who are currently enrolled in the Head Start program with at least 51% of the members themselves being parents of children who are currently enrolled in Head Start and the rest being members at large from the community served by the Head Start agency.

The Policy Council shall approve and submit to the governing body decisions about the following activities:

  1. Activities to support the active involvement of parents in supporting program operations, including policies to ensure that the Head Start agency is responsive to community and parent needs
  2. Program recruitment, selection, and enrollment priorities
  3. Applications for funding and amendments to applications for funding for programs under this subchapter prior to submission of applications described in this clause
  4. Budget planning for program expenditures, including policies for reimbursement and participation in policy council activity plans, including long- and short-range program goals and objectives
  5. Bylaws for the operation of the policy council
  6. Program personnel policies and decisions regarding the employment of program staff, consistent with paragraph (1)(E)(iv)(IX), including standards of conduct for program staff, contractors, and volunteers and criteria for the employment and dismissal of program staff
  7. Developing procedures for how members of the policy council of the Head Start agency will be elected
  8. Recommendations on the selection of delegate agencies and the service areas for such agencies, if applicable